Green House

Green House, Preston South

I spent my later childhood living next to a house like this. The owner I was told was in an asylum. One day I peered through the front window heavy lace curtains. I could see a room in disarray, the unmade bed strewn with pill bottles and multi coloured pills. The bed stayed this way for years. No one ever came.

Gareth Sansom

Gareth Sansom ‘Transformer’ Ian Potter Centre, NGV

‘Looking for God in abstract art 2', 2010.


‘Du hast keine chance, nutze sie’ 1981

Sansom’s show is rewarding. His work is brave above all and constantly questioning what can be a ‘painting’. One of the few senior Melbourne artists in the gestural field whose work successfully references and therefore sits within international practice.

NGV Triennial

NGV Triennial of contemporary art and design practice.

Pae White, USA,‘Spearmint to Peppermint’ 2013, tapestry (detail) 

Edson Chagas, Angola ‘Tippa Passe’ 2014 (detail) 

Sissel Tolaas, Norway, ‘Smell Scape’ 2017, detail of a series
(she is a chemist and has infused the work with artificial smells)

Oki Sato, Canada, emigrated to Japan, ‘Manga Chairs’ 1-50, 2015, detail, one chair.

Joris Laarman, Netherlands, Chair, 2014.

The triennial was lot of colour, mirrors, dark rooms and regional political issues. A few selected works which rather referenced and pushed the boundaries of practice.


Frederick McCubbin’s Macedon house and studio. 

Fontainebleau, December 2017.

Fontainebleau, December 2017.

Remnant kitchen garden.

McCubbin's studio?

The pioneer, 1904, oil on canvas, 225.0 x 295.7 cm. Collection NGV.

At the suggestion of a day trip to Mt Macedon with architect and heritage conservator, Louise Lakier, I decided to try and track down McCubbin’s house and octagonal studio situated at the base of the garden that I had heard about many years prior. The house today is in a total state of disrepair. It’s here McCubbbn painted The pioneer, 1904, reportedly with his wife and a local gardener and his relative among the models. It’s an iconic Australian Painting. This was the only house McCubbin purchased (1901) and is in an isolated spot on the north side of the summit.

Whilst I initially learnt of the rotunda shaped studio from an artist who knew the occupants I can’t find any online references. This building is somewhat repaired, however the roof is definitely early 20th century circa federation design and woodwork. It’s also perfectly positioned to take in the north light and views. Most photos of the house online are taken from this vantage point. There is also an old road from the house via the kitchen garden to the ‘studio’ which goes no further.

McCubbin was a founding member of the Heidelberg School and drawing master at the National Gallery Art School, School of Design.

McCubbin’s painting, On the wallaby track, 1896, was the subject of a humorous Kit Kat television advertisement in the early eighties. Watch it here:

Victorian College of the Arts Graduates 2017

Samuel Szwarcbord, Easy Peaces, 2017, cotton.

Phebe Parisia, 'Experiments in Materiality' 2017.

Aaron Martin, MFA research, 'The Persistence of the Gesture in Minimalism', 2017.

Chaohui Xie, Boundary lines, Hebel block x 249.

Matt Bax, 'I paint ordinary things because I find wonder in them...'.

RMIT Universtiy MFA and Honours graduates 2017

Timothy Greaves, media: acrylic paint on found material.

Lukas Orsanic, install shot, media: acrylic on canvas.

Louise Gresswell (MFA) install shot, media: oil on board.

Bridget Frawley, media: thread, stitch found material.

Rikki-Paul Bunder (MFA), Eclipse, 2017, plastic, LED torch.

Paul Eaves (MFA) TV Time, 2017.

Selected works from the RMIT School of Art graduate show, Building 2 La Trobe Street Melbourne.

Catherine Cassidy

Night Turpentine Road, mixed media on polyester, 150 x 150 cm.

Catherine Cassidy is having a good art year - she is currently showing simultaneously in Paris and Sydney. Cassidy was invited by French artist Claire Colin Collin to exhibit in a group exhibition exploring the 'intuitive' in painting at Progress Gallery. At the same time she has a solo exhibition at Art2Muse gallery, Sydney, 'Miao Miao'. Recently Catherine was a finalist in the Paddington Art Prize for landscape painting where she won the Soffala Cottage Residency Prize. A masters graduate, 2011, National Art School, Sydney, Catherine's work holds a boldness that does not conform to the well worn iconography of the Australian landscape painting. 

Damian Moss

Damian Moss
Liverpool Street Gallery
23 November - 23 December 2017

LS2 Project Space
243a Liverpool Street East Sydney 

Celestial cartography 10.
Artist talk Saturday December 9 at 2pm.

'This body of work has developed from my interest in mark making and the mechanics of repetition. The composition of each work begins with a grid, a system which provides pictorial structure while allowing for endless variation, and satisfies my own formalist tendencies. The process is slow and instinctual, with the outcome of each work remaining open rather than predetermined.

In the end, each image shares a common structure but reveals a unique cartography, juxtaposing the intuitive process of mark making with the repetitive nature of patterns and the infinite complexities of nature and spatial relationships.' Damian Moss, 2017.

'By removing a portion of inked paper a mark is added. This addition through removal is one of the many contradictions in the work. The hundreds of tiny tears, each one different, are gestures defined by geometry... They are equally musical scores, transcriptions, a map of the sky or land, an abacus or traces of data.' Damian Moss, 2016.

Land / Line / Sea

Artlacuna Battersea London
22nd November -30th November

An Exhibition of Selected Australian/ New Zealand/United Kingdom Contemporary Artists curated by Clinton Cross (Cross Gallery QLD)
Artists included:
Kim Demuth ( Australia/Germany)
Terri Brooks (Australia)
Henri van Noordenburg ( Australia)
Deb Covell (United kingdom)
Louise Tuckwell (Australia)
Yvonne Boag (Australia/ South Korea)
Rhonda Baum (Australia)
Marlene Sarroff (Australia)
Jennifer McDuff (Australia)
Anthony Cahill (Australia)
Lorna Crane (Australia)
Phill Hopkins (United kingdom)
Clinton Cross (Australia)
Richard Elliott (United kingdom)
Rob McLeod (New Zealand)
Angela Brennan (Australia)
Eryn Mark Begley (Australia)
Jenny Gilbertson (Australia)
Diane Scott ( New Zealand)

Selected shots:

L-R: Kim Demuth, Richard Elliott

Marlene Sarroff

Richard Elliott

L-R: Richard Elliott, Yvonne Boag

Lorna Crane

L-R: Terri Brooks, Marlene Sarroff

Rhonda Baum

London Opening

Local Walk

Found marks and objects lately in Melbourne.

Borders, chimney, Prahran.

Shop wall, Prahran.

Cross the Line, Preston.

Found shoe, Preston.

I’m not down, by The Clash

'I've been beat up, I've been thrown out
But I'm not down, I'm not down
I've been shown up, but I've grown up
And I'm not down, I'm not down...'