Sati Zech

Sati Zech, Bollen 11, 2003. Oil and linen, 190x160 cm.
Reproduced from Gercke, Hans, and Christoph Tannert. Sati Zech: Bollenarbeiten 2001–2006.
Berlin: Heidelberger Kunstverein, 2006, 49.
 One level of symbolism in the red mound shape in Sati Zech’s aesthetic grungy ‘every day’ canvas collages is the giant termite mounds of Australia. The artist has also made several trips to Africa and her collages seem to reflect this experience.


Carole said...

All of her work is stunning!

TAB said...

Thanks Carole... I agree... I saw a show of her work in Berlin... Very Good.

david weir art said...

Its nice work,

TAB said...

Thanks David, I value your opinion.